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The ASCA School Garden is a student owned and operated garden, managed by faculty moderators and parent volunteers. The benefits of gardening, including fostering our children’s sense of responsibility and ownership are a great complement to their academic life. The entire student body from pre K through grade 8 has the opportunity to participate on some level. Many teachers already incorporate age appropriate lessons into their classroom. Our history, events, and goals are captured best in the documents below.

Faculty Moderators:


Parent Volunteers 2016:

  • Lori Galella (founder, contact for new initiatives, project planning, fundraising, donations, grants, summer garden club, web updates)
  • Richie DeCanto
  • Pam Dinglasan
  • Louise O’Connor
  • Sil Garcia
  • Jo’Elle Saeli-Brody
  • Yolanda Iszczyk
  • Eunjoo Jung
  • Alice Birtwistle, (contact for 13th street Jim Lynch garden)

Garden Dedication to Joe Tagliareni, October 2012

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Historical Newsletters (Note that current events for the garden are now posted online. Follow the link at the end of this page)

Garden Funding

Our garden operates independently with the financial support of community organizations and parents. 

Our biggest sponsor in 2015 is the Bayonne Chapter of UNICO National! Thanks to their generous donation of $1000, we purchased a new garden fence.

In 2014, we were awarded a $2000 grant from Whole Kids Foundation which we can use for fruit and vegetable plants and related supplies, but not flowers or decorations. We have stretched those dollars to cover expenses through 2015.

Our key contributors for 2013 were the Bayonne City Council, the Bayonne Knights of Columbus, Saint Andrews Holy Name Society, ASCA Student Council Tag Days, and the ASCA Home School Association.

  • Donations to support the garden can be sent directly to All Saints Catholic Academy. Please note ‘Garden Donation’ in the memo field of your check.
  • Keep your eyes open for our upcoming garden fundraiser
  • If you are aware of other grant opportunities please let us know!

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