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  1. Wanted to inquire about admitting my daughter in grade 1 next year. Would like to visit school.

  2. Hello. Our summer office hours are Tuesdays to Thursdays, 9am to 1pm. If you call the office (201-443-8384), you may schedule a tour of our school. Hope to see you!

  3. Registration has begun. Call the school office (201-443-8384) to schedule an appointment for a tour, or to come in to pick up paperwork.

  4. HI,

    My nephew Kyle Rodrick is a student in ASCA and we need a registration form for class 1 . Please could you send it to me via email if possible.

    Jacob Ricky Gomes

  5. Hi I just wanna ask questions about The school for my daughter she’s in the 8th grade she will be in the 9th grade next year . I want to stop by and look at the school on Friday if possible so do I have make an appointment or just stop by ? Are you still taking registrations forms,thanks.

  6. Hello. All Saints Catholic Academy is an elementary school, not a high school. For information about Catholic high schools in the area, visit the website of the Archdiocese of Newark: http://www.rcan.org

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