Class Parents

Class Parents 2017-2018

  • Pre-K 3A:  Crystal De La Cruz and Yishen Olvesen
  • Pre-K 3B:  Danielle Martinez and Jessica Metro
  • Pre-K 4:  Devon Caposello and Danielle McCarthy
  • KA:  Robert Kudlacik and Courtney McMahon
  • KB:  Mariangel Javier and Lisette McCrossen
  • 1A:  Sarah Degnan Moje
  • 1B:  Yolonda Iszczyk and Courtney Vilas
  • 2A:  MJ Loiacono
  • 2B:  TaraBeth Le Forge
  • 3A:  Christine Colon
  • 3B:  Monica Russo-Alesi
  • 4A:  Jennifer Mulcahy
  • 4B:  Spencer Morgan-Kubert and Nadine Russell
  • 5A:  Courtney McMahon
  • 5B:  Christine Tamulewicz and Donna Louro
  • 6A:  Heather Powers and Jackie McNulty
  • 6B:  Danielle Martinez and Jenn Van Sant
  • 7A:  Carolina Barone and Jennifer Donovan
  • 7B:  Annette Logan
  • 8A:  Claudine DeLuca Cacace, Monica Pease, and Kerri Ponczek
  • 8B:  Kristen Calderone and Louise Delaney

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