Staff Listing & Emails


Principal – Sr. Rita Marie Fritzen, OSF


Pre-K3  – Mrs. Mary McCabe
Pre-K3 Aide – Ms. Shannon Kelley
Pre-K4A – Mrs. Colleen Byrne
Pre-K4A Aide – Mrs.Yishen Olvesen
Pre-K4B – Ms. Alyssa Doria
Pre-K4B Aide – Ms. Nermeen Habashy
KA – Mrs. Monica Russo-Alesi
KB Aide — Mrs. Theresa Newell
KB – Ms. Jody Caamano
KB Aide —
1A – Mrs. Laura Gallagher
1B – Mrs. Mary Ann Gilson
2A – Mrs. Nancy Kelley
2B –
3A – Mrs. Rose Barbieri
3B – Mrs.  Joanne Lynch
4A – Mrs. CaraJeanne Stuckey
4B – M
5A – Ms. Robin Burnitskie
5B — Mrs. Maria Minerley
6A – Mrs. Diane Molesky
6B – Mrs. Debra Czerwienski
7A – Mrs. Jennifer Cardino
7B – Ms. Kathleen Hennessey
8A – Mr. James Robertson
8B – Mrs. Chris Ann Weening
Art – Ms. Diane Creswick
Computers – Mr. John Rios
Library — 
Music — Mrs. Virginia Bujnowski
Physical Education — Mr. Jordan Balocating
Spanish — Mrs. Zimri Garrido Cody
Administrative Assistant – Mrs. Judy Sanchez
Administrative Assistant – Mrs. Jane Mattiello
Business Mngr./Tuition –
Guidance – Mrs. Maria Minerley
Nurses’ Office or

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  1. Hi Trying to reach Mr Baranok regarding Protecting God’s Children.
    I do not see his email listing.
    Please let me know how I may reach him.
    Thank you
    Mrs. Jackie McNulty

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