Staff Listing & Emails


Principal – Sr. Rita Marie Fritzen, OSF


Pre-K3  – Mrs. Mary McCabe
Pre-K3 Aide – Ms. Shannon Kelley
Pre-K4A – Mrs. Colleen Byrne
Pre-K4A Aide – Mrs.Yishen Olvesen
Pre-K4B – Ms. Alyssa Doria
Pre-K4B Aide – Ms. Nermeen Habashy
KA – Mrs. Monica Russo-Alesi
KB Aide — Mrs. Theresa Newell
KB – Ms. Jody Caamano
KB Aide —
1A – Mrs. Laura Gallagher
1B – Mrs. Mary Ann Gilson
2A – Mrs. Nancy Kelley
2B –
3A – Mrs. Rose Barbieri
3B – Mrs.  Joanne Lynch
4A – Mrs. CaraJeanne Stuckey
4B – M
5A – Ms. Robin Burnitskie
5B — Mrs. Maria Minerley
6A – Mrs. Diane Molesky
6B – Mrs. Debra Czerwienski
7A – Mrs. Jennifer Cardino
7B – Ms. Kathleen Hennessey
8A – Mr. James Robertson
8B – Mrs. Chris Ann Weening
Art – Ms. Diane Creswick
Computers – Mr. John Rios
Library — 
Music — Mrs. Virginia Bujnowski
Physical Education — Mr. Jordan Balocating
Spanish — Mrs. Zimri Garrido Cody
Administrative Assistant – Mrs. Judy Sanchez
Administrative Assistant – Mrs. Jane Mattiello
Business Mngr./Tuition –
Guidance – Mrs. Maria Minerley
Nurses’ Office or

6 thoughts on “Staff Listing & Emails”

  1. Hi Trying to reach Mr Baranok regarding Protecting God’s Children.
    I do not see his email listing.
    Please let me know how I may reach him.
    Thank you
    Mrs. Jackie McNulty

  2. I would like some information for enrolling 2 children… Pre k 3 and 1st grade for the 21-22 school year.

  3. Hello! All the updated registration forms are available to download and print at the “Tuition and Fees” tab on our website. If you have any questions, please call the office at 201-443-8384.

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