World Language

To discover a second language is to discover the world, and knowing Spanish will open doors around the world and will be a source of lifelong enrichment. Individuals who effectively communicate in more than one language, with an appropriate understanding of cultural context, are globally literate and more competitive to confront the global challenges in the 21st century. A world language is crucial for expanding career opportunities. A language will also aid in developing responsible citizens of the world community who will learn to accept, understand and appreciate the diversity of cultures. Thinking globally will help to promote world peace.

All Saints Catholic Academy’s mission is to prepare students to live in a global community with multiple opportunities to communicate with others in culturally appropriate ways. Introduction to World Language is a program that prepares all students to communicate successfully in Spanish that provides a variety of benefits and strengthens cognitive thinking skills. The curriculum criteria are designed, as much as possible, to meet the needs of students and is offered to them in as compelling a manner as possible. The World Language curriculum is designed to teach listening, speaking, writing, and culture with emphasis on communication, exposing students to the beauty and richness of Spanish and its civilizations. Students will also reinforce the concepts and themes taught in other subject areas by providing them with authentic, real life context to develop their language skills. Through interactions with others, students will acquire the ability to understand and to be understood in Spanish. To reach an acceptable level of language proficiency, children begin learning Spanish an early age (PK 3), because at this young age the child will have an easier time of learning and retaining the language. As students study Spanish, they will come to understand and appreciate the way of life, customs, values, and cultures of people from many different Spanish speaking countries. Introduction to World Language is a great and wonderful opportunity to enhance student learning and growth.

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