Social Studies


The Social Studies Curriculum is based on the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards as well as The Archdiocese of Newark Curriculum guidelines, which was recently updated.

The Social Studies Curriculum encourages the development of concepts and skills needed for an understanding of the many factors that have shaped our history such as economics, geography, society, religion, politics and culture. Students are taught to use Catholic moral principles to react to the global community, to appreciate diversity and to promote peace and justice.

In the primary grades, Pre-K to Grade 3, the Social Studies curriculum highlights Family, School and    Neighborhood Communities, as well as, Cultural Diversity in Our Communities, and Communities Across the United States and long ago. All of the primary grades are taught Map and Globe Skills and Environmental Awareness, which are built upon each year. Citizenship and Government are key to all levels, they help every child become an active, involved, and informed citizen. Hands-on activities and projects as well as interactive lessons and web sites on the Smart Board are also used to engage the students. The primary grade Social Studies curriculum provides a cross curriculum connection with Art, Music, Writing, Literature, Math, and Science.

The Social Studies curriculum in grade four encompasses all aspects of New Jersey and Regions of the United States are taught and examined. Supplementary materials such as a weekly newspaper on New Jersey are used throughout the year to enhance students’ learning. PowerPoint presentations and SmartBoard lessons help the material to come alive. United States government is introduced. The four Regions  of the United States and their diverse cultures are studied, map skills  are practiced and projects are assigned.

Fifth grade Social Studies covers European exploration, the founding of the United States and early American History. A variety of basic map skills are also covered throughout the year. Current events are covered through the use of Time for Kids.

Sixth grade Social Studies encompasses world cultures including those of Asia, the current day Middle East, and South America as well as North America.  Geography, culture, religious beliefs and social standing are all studied and examined. Map skills built upon the previous year are covered. Through the use of Time for Kids, current events on the national and world level are discussed and examined.

The Social Studies curriculum in grades seven and eight covers American History.  Seventh grade begins with a review of Early Explorers and ends with the Reconstruction period.  Eighth grade picks up with the Post- Reconstruction Era and ends with Post-World War II Era.   Aspects of Geography, Government, Political Science, Economics and Civics are taught throughout the program.  Current Events is a main focus in both grades.  Students become familiar with important issues through CNN Student News and frequent Current Events days. Catholic values such as respect and tolerance are infused into lessons. SmartBoard lessons enhance students’ learning. Students are assessed through written tests, essays, creative assignments, recitations and projects. Writing in Social Studies is of the utmost importance and is modeled regularly for students to develop their essay writing skills.

It is our goal at All Saints Catholic Academy to help mold our students into culturally aware, morally responsible individuals, conscious of the diversity in world around them. The life lessons they learn here are not only for today, but for a lifetime.


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