The Science Program at All Saints Catholic Academy adheres to the Archdiocese of Newark Curriculum Guidelines and the New Jersey Core Curriculum Standards. The goal of the science program is to aid the students to move from concrete to abstract thinking through the use of hands-on manipulatives and gain solid decision making skills through the process of solving science experiments. Students are exploring a new way of thinking and investigating our world.

The students work with hands-on-tools that engage the students’ curiosity and encourage them to further explore the world around them. All classrooms in grades one through eight utilize Smart Board technology. Use of the Smart Board makes learning more innovative for students and also makes science lessons “come alive.”

The students in Kindergarten through Grade Six are equipped with the new 2010 Macmillan McGraw Hill Science Series, Science a Closer Look. Topics in Life, Earth, Space and Physical science are presented at each grade level. The curiosity of the students is engaged through a variety of whole class and small group activities. Each lesson is designed to introduce concepts and provides opportunities for the students to work together in investigating and communicating their ideas. In the younger grades, students are introduced to basic scientific inquiry skills and making predictions. These skills are developed throughout the years providing a practical understanding of deductive and inductive thinking skills and the process of the Scientific Method.

The Junior High level science covers ten areas including: the scientific processes, science and society, mathematical applications, the nature and process of technology, life science, physical science, earth science, astronomy/space and environmental studies. Hands on experiments and labs, Smart Board technology, textbooks and Science World Magazine are utilized while learning science.

The ultimate goal of science classes is to ensure that all students will develop problem solving, decision making, and inquiry skills.  These skills are developed by formulating usable questions and hypotheses, planning experiments, conducting systematic observations, interpreting and analyzing data, drawing conclusions and effectively communicating results. Each year, the students in grades five through eight become scientists by competing in the All Saints Catholic Academy Science Fair. Here students create scientific experiments which follow and adhere to the scientific method. The Science Fair provides an environment where students demonstrate their skills.

Students best learn science by actively participating in hands-on experiments and labs. These are the most powerful tools to educate young active minds. Students become aware of the world around them. Science is taught with an awareness of its connection to other subjects and the needs of society. Science is not merely a collection of facts and theories, but a process, a way of thinking about, investigating and caring for the world in which we live.

At All Saints Catholic Academy we are preparing the future leaders of our 21st Century world who must be ready to be active, responsible, contributing members of society.





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