Phys. Education

The Physical Education program at All Saints Catholic Academic follows the Archdiocese of Newark Guidelines which are based on the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards. The program recognizes the need for students in our society to become physically active in an effort to promote a healthier lifestyle.

Students in grades Pre K 3 through Grade 8 learn the skills necessary to perform a variety of physical activities and participate in weekly classes centered around physical activities. Students learn the benefits from involvement in physical activity through active participation in warm up exercises. They experience their own grow in stamina and find they are able to complete an increasing number of exercises within a designated amount of time.

The students also learn health promotion, health enhancing behaviors and disease prevention concepts while being encouraged to participate in extra curricular sports, games and clubs. The students also participate in national fitness programs such as the President’s Council on Physical fitness, the American Red Cross Jump Rope for Heart Campaign and the NFL Fuel up for 60  eat healthy and exercise program.

It is the hope that through the Physical Education Program at All Saints Catholic Academy students will learn movement concepts and skills that will encourage continued participation in physical activities throughout their lives and an appreciation of team spirit, healthy competition, a sense of cooperation and an appreciation of the gifts and talents of each person they meet.


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