The Mathematics curriculum is based on Archdiocese of Newark guidelines and New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards. In the primary grades the following standards are taught: number sense and numerical operations; geometry and measurement; patterns and algebra; data analysis, probability, and discrete mathematics; and mathematical processes. A new Math series with extensive online resources was obtained in the 2009-2010 school year for grades K-6. The vertical content alignment ensures students master concepts and sequence skills from grade to grade. Content and skills are introduced, reinforced, and assessed.

The strengths of the Mathematics curriculum include the use of technology and manipulatives to model skills and help students master abstract mathematical concepts. Mathematics is integrated across the curriculum as students are encouraged to apply mathematical reasoning and problem solving in all content areas, including special subjects. Cooperative learning and peer tutoring are also important components of the Mathematics curriculum.

The Math curriculum provides students with balanced in-depth content. On the elementary level, students learn Math concepts, skills, and problem solving within a proven Math Curriculum that provides a comprehensive scope and sequence. The curriculum targets skills that give students the most difficulty such as problem solving. Students learn Math facts, rules, and formulas and are able to apply this knowledge to real life situations. Emphasis is placed on fractions, decimals, measurement and statistics, algebra, data analysis, and probability.

The Math Program includes diagnostic, formative, and summative assessment to measure progress, as well as remediation and enrichment tools throughout the program. The Math Curriculum provides a comprehensive interactive program utilizing  Smart board technology.  Math online provides a wealth of resources convenient for students and parents. Online activities include self -check quizzes, personal tutors, and printable workbook pages. The textbook is also available as an eBook with links to online study tools and resources.

The Math curriculum provides students with a solid Math foundation and prepares them for transition to the next grade level. With a solid foundation, students at the junior high level are introduced to the higher level thinking, processing, and problem solving skills of Pre Algebra and Algebra.

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