ASCA’s Profile of an Eighth Grade Graduate

All Saints Catholic Academy Profile of an Eighth Grade Graduate

 The 8th Grade Graduate is Christ-centered

  • models Catholic Christian values, including respect and forgiveness for self and others
  • forms a Christian conscience and evaluates moral choices within the context of the Church’s teachings
  • responds to the needs of others with a compassionate and empathetic spirit
  • builds a personal relationship with Christ through the regular practice of prayer and the Eucharist
  • practices his/her faith by worshiping on a weekly basis as part of an active faith community
  • takes responsibility for exploring and validating one’s own faith
  • exhibits basic knowledge of Catholic beliefs, prayer, scripture, and social justice teachings
  • who is of another faith tradition, knows and understands Catholic teaching and is also an active participant in his/her religious group


The 8th Grade Graduate is Academically Strong

  • possesses skills to be academically competitive and successful in high school and beyond
  • develops creative, collaborative, media, and information fluencies
  • demonstrates critical thinking skills for problem solving
  • possesses a strong foundation, mastery,  and competencies in all areas of study as outlined in the curriculum of the Archdiocese of Newark
  • exhibits independent and creative thinking skills
  • strives for personal best
  • studies a problem to formulate a conclusion relevant to the situation (inductive and deductive reasoning)
  • conveys information in an effective and clear manner
  • uses technology/digital media as an educational tool, media device, and communication tool
  • reads, comprehends, applies, analyzes, and evaluates various text and materials
  • recognizes that learning continues beyond the classroom through various means and modes
  • works collaboratively and creatively with others


The 8th Grade Graduate possesses Christian Leadership

  • acts with good judgment, encourages others, and empowers others
  • sets a positive example and serves as a role model for younger students
  • collaborates with others to achieve a common goal
  • plans and perseveres to achieve short-term and long-term goals
  • demonstrates flexibility, respect, and good listening skills
  • accepts challenges and takes appropriate risks that develop his/her talents and abilities
  • demonstrates confidence, faith in oneself and one’s gifts
  • displays a positive attitude and a good sense of humor
  • demonstrates good sportsmanship
  • exhibits humility


The 8th Grade Graduate is of Service

  • shares talents for the purpose of enriching other people’s lives
  • participates in giving, aiding, and supporting others as a responsible member of society
  • assumes responsibility and acts appropriately using resources that are available
  • develops an ongoing awareness of the proper and ethical treatment of others and his/her surroundings


Our 8th grade graduate exhibits Responsible Citizenship

  • recognizes that it is his/her responsibility to give back to society through community service
  • understands that each person’s actions affect the surrounding community positively or negatively
  • views the environment as a gift from God and accepts his/her role as a steward of God’s creation
  • understands that the digital world has the potential to positively affect self and others if used responsibly
  • takes an interest in social and global awareness issues as reflected in the Seven Principles of Catholic Social Teaching