Daily Archives: May 2, 2018

ASCA Student Council and Safety Patrol Leadership Trip

On Wednesday, May 2nd, All Saints Catholic Academy’s Student Council with moderators Ms. Narese and Mrs. Molesky, and Safety Patrol with moderator Mrs. Cardino, visited New Jersey’s State House and Museum in Trenton, NJ, for their 5th Annual Leadership Trip. Students visited the State Assembly and Senate Chambers and learned how bills are introduced and become laws, age qualifications for various civic positions, how taxes are used to run state government, and the duties and responsibilities of good citizens who contribute to society. They were also able to explore some of New Jersey’s natural history including corals and dinosaurs. ASCA would like to thank  Mr. Stan Degroote and Melissa Kelly, their tour guides, for sharing their knowledge and love of the Garden State. See more photos of the trip here,


Possible NJ State Budget Cuts

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Governor Murphy wants to cut nursing services, technology, and transportation monies from non-public schools for next year.  There is time for us to respond and have this decision reversed.  Please go to this link to ask our legislators to restore this funding. It takes only a minute.  We need your support.  We can’t have All Saints Catholic Academy’s nursing services and technology allocation be diminished.