Thank you from Mrs. Cole!

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You May hear it referred to as:  tiring, chaotic, or confusing, but,
After a fun filled, action packed, fast paced, hectic Catholic Schools Week, I am happy to make the following report:

As a school, we donated over 200 canned goods to 3 local food pantries.  ( By the way, the students predicted that  the Philadelphia Eagles will handily defeat the New England Patriots)

The children in the Oncology department of Hackensack (Childrens) Hospital are the recipients of 316 boxes of character band aids.  ( A parent of a former cancer patient informed me that the choice of a Super Hero band aid, as opposed to a flesh toned one,  can be an instant attitude changer for both parent and child).

We almost reached our goal of 5,000 box tops for education!  We ended the week with 4,039.  Thank you for supporting our Physical Education/Field Day program.

We learned a great deal about students through our daily ” Acts of Kindness”.   Thank you for raising such conscientious, caring students!

ASCA , as a community, donated 31 pints of blood to the New York Blood Center.  Thank you to those parents, relatives, friends and 8 teachers who participated.  Together our donations will help 93 people!

To the Spirit Club, who once again, went above and beyond  exemplifying the Word of the Month.  Good job.

To the Eighth grade, sincerest thanks for a valiant effort in the competition against a small, determined faculty squad, who kept the winning streak alive.

To all who sent in family photos for our family tree.   Thanks.   (Stop by the front hall to check it out.  It will be posted until Friday, February 9, 2018)

Thanks to all of those students are parents who displayed their athletic ability in the Annual Parent vs 8 th grade student 6 base kickball game.  Congratulations to the victors!  (8th grade)

These are the only activities that I was directly involved with,  my appreciation for all of the support that you and your children  showed.  It is truly appreciated.

Mary Cole
I am happy to be part of the ASCA family

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