ASCA Update!


  •  ASCA students attended mass on Tuesday, November 1, the Feast Day of All Saints.  A representative from each class spoke about the patron saint of their homeroom.  Many classes also involved the students in projects and activities to commemorate our feast day, All Saints Day.
  • All students attended an assembly themed “Friendliness” which was the word of the month for October.  The Spirit Club performed skits about friendliness, and students watched a slide show about friendship in action at ASCA prepared by Miss Creswick.   Students of the month who best demonstrated Friendliness to others are:  Daniel Fernandez, Veronica Kolta, Travis Moise, Alison Westbury, Riley Villa, Matthew Largmann, Evianna Scheper, Ryan Magdalena, Pia Bustamante, Mason McCrosson, Miriam Youssef, Brady Traba, Isabella Scheper, Andrei Fernandez, Connor WEening, Rocco Barone, Michael Ruso-Alesi, Julia Mickiewicz, Robert Trefurt, Hannah Vazquez, Sopia DeJoy, and Joseph Sisolak.
  • The Home School Association Family Fun Night was a great time for all.  Over 300 people celebrated mass and enjoyed an evening of food, dancing and games.  Thank you to our Home School Officers and parents who made this event a success.  We extend a special thank you to Pompei Pizza for providing the delicious food!

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